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About me

I am Maryam Amini
Born in September 1990
Actress, writer and director
Theater and cinema
I have master degree in dramatic literature from the University of Art and Architecture
Member of the House of Theater director's association Since 2013, I have formed the Mithras theater group
And in 2016, my friend and I launched Namaart Filmmaking and Advertising Institute.

Death game book

Summary of the script

Summary of the script One scientist is trying to stop time. The scientist's wife, who is practicing the flies play, realizes that her illness has worsened and she will die in a while. On the day, when the angel comes to take the woman's life, the man arrives and captures the angel of death. The man only asks the woman for one year to be able to implement the project of stopping time and save the woman's life. With the imprisonment of the angel of death, all the people of the world become immortal. Although at first everyone is happy and satisfied, but little by little the situation of the world becomes deplorable.
  • English
  • Persian