Short script: Blackish white

Short film: Wound
June 13, 2022
Playscript: Death game
March 25, 2020

Text specifications:

Number of pages: 6

Two young sons
A number of men and women
Approximate time: 10 minutes

Summary of the script:
A girl is preparing for her engagement ceremony. But no one of her family is at home....

Part of the script

The girl sits in front of the mirror and wants to makeup. The girl looks at the bruises on her face and her untidy haircut and regretfully puts on makeup. She looks on the dolls in front of her, she gets up and gather all the dolls in the room.
**Girl: I'm sorry, Miss Bear, Miss chick... Forgive me, but I've grown up. It’s bad for me if someone see you here. I don't want anyone to say that I am a child. Whenever I have a baby, I will give you to her.