Short film: Deceased

Short script: Dream
June 15, 2022
Short script: Parallel flies
June 14, 2022

Script Summary:

Number of pages: 12


Approximate time: 15 minutes

Script summary:
A young girl who could not live the way she likes, decides to die the way she wants.

Part of the script

** Grandmather: Your father is worried about your mother.
** Girl: Worried about me?!
** Grandmother: What were those words you said? They are sad , do you want to kill them?
** Girl: I didn't say anything.
Dear: Didn't you say anything?! Do you want to discredit yourself and leave?! May you live a thousand years... May I be with you before death, but a person should think about his honor after his death.
** Girl: Her reputation or her father's?!
** Dear: It's not you and your father or your mother and the rest... we are all one family.
** Girl: dear... you never listen to me, you don't even now... I can't do anything...
** Dear: You are their daughter... a part of you... they want you to be satisfied...
** Girl: If you want me to be satisfied, you should listen to me...